A Colourful Change is Here: The Brisbane Eisteddfod Launches a Modern Brand Identity



We, The Brisbane Eisteddfod, has undertaken a brand refresh to launch a modern brand identity in January 2019.

Since 1892, The Brisbane Eisteddfod has flourished with the tagline ‘Arts in Focus’ in a professional, supportive and competitive environment. Consistent with its legacy, The Brisbane Eisteddfod’s vision is to empower young performing artists through performance opportunities providing the best venues, prizes and judges. The community spirit of this competition continues to be managed by a devoted committee of volunteers, setting it apart from any main stage event.

We are excited to reveal our new brand identity:


The new brand identity satisfies and aligns with what The Brisbane Eisteddfod actually offers, and reinvigorates the outdated look and feel of the brand, to ensure the brand can move forward but remains accessible and true to itself.

A typography style logo has replaced the illustration design logo in order to create a timeless brand logo. The rainbow coloured logo appeals to the key members of the community – children of 6-16 years while the “!” featured in the design is used to portray the concept of ‘Make Your Mark’, which is the opportunity the event provides to young performers.

The updated tagline is an aspirational statement – “Dream. Perform. Become”.

A tagline that focuses on how The Brisbane Eisteddfod follows the journey of young performers.

The rainbow colours of the logo were selected as they appeal to our target audiences ages 6-16 year and the rainbow colours as a whole represents the fun, vibrancy, and excitement – what we stand for here at The Brisbane Eisteddfod.

The brand refresh hopes to better excite, inspire and strengthen the Brisbane Eisteddfod community and pave the way for continued growth in the future.

We thank everyone involved for their continued support and hope to create a remarkable 2019 together.

We hope you love the new logo identity and its the first of a few reveals to come!

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