Wednesday 20th January 2021

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL who have been a part of the Brisbane Eisteddfod in the decades preceding today, including participants, supporters, our Event Partners, Sponsors and Donors. A review has been undertaken of the Brisbane Eisteddfod’s current status and future sustainability, and whilst the Brisbane Eisteddfod retains historical significance and a century long tradition of support to the Brisbane Arts community, there has been a noticeable loss of relevance. This is attributable to societal changes, wider offerings outside the traditional eisteddfod model, and future uncertainty over which the Eisteddfod Team has little control.

The Executive Management Committee with the support of its members and Event Managers has taken the hard decision to formally close down Brisbane Eisteddfod Inc. as a functioning performing arts competition platform.

The decision was not made lightly and is not based on financial or resource availability. A discouraged internal level of commitment and energy and a lack of external understanding and appreciation of dedication, along with a demonstrated lack of interest by the eisteddfod and arts community in maintaining Brisbane Eisteddfod as viable, has further exacerbated its demise as a valuable opportunity. Numerous calls for support over social media and the press in recent years has also denied us results. Recent rebranding presented Brisbane Eisteddfod with a fresh new look however the anticipated new volunteer interest did not follow.

The existing management team have extensive knowledge and experience in all matters related to Eisteddfodau and it’s not without our passion that we are foregoing continuation in our shared roles but change there must be. For the organization to have continued we needed an executive to be bold enough to come on board and take the Eisteddfod to a different level especially as commercial events have now come to dominate the scene. It has been an emotional and disappointing rollercoaster to get to this decision but it was one that was in the making as succession planning kept falling through.

From a membership of in excess of 100 some 40 years ago to just 10 over recent years, it’s this in the first instance that has contributed to our position. We have always ensured that the competitions were first and foremost in our minds as that’s the staple of our Constitution.

For Dance, Speech & Drama, Vocal, Instrumental and to a far lesser extent, Choral and Choral Speaking, it is indeed a sad final entry!

Executive Management Committee
Brisbane Eisteddfod Inc.

Kenneth Meissner CEO
Jos van de VenChair
Heather ShawVice Chair
Lyn PondTreasurer



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